ODM (independent research and development and production integration) project development process

Suitable to have the brand, but did not complete the planning, design and follow-up of the customer.

1, the product from design to production process by ODM manufacturers responsible, reduce customer costs, allows you to save time, effort and worry, save money.

2, to be free, independent, flexible production of its own brand or circulation of the advantages of the product. By your master, according to your wishes, without a huge investment, saving the cost of each link.

3, effectively reduce the cost of brand operation. Now the cost of brand marketing is more than ten years, twenty years ago, multiplied, the cost of production is to be reduced to a minimum. We can make businesses spend the least money, produce the ideal product.

4, so that customers create their own brand to become a reality. At present, the development trend of beauty cosmetic industry to the company's own brand is rising all over the country. Businesses are processed by ODM, in the absence of the construction of the plant under the conditions, so you can have their own products, which in the ODM appears, it is almost impossible.

5, so that customers can go all out to promote the brand. Most businesses are good at sales, but lack of production and processing technology. ODM processing, for the production of the merchants to do tedious, so that businesses can avoid weaknesses, focus on brand promotion, to achieve a multiplier effect.

OEM (OEM) development process

Just registered brand, not yet a product of the company;

Existing brands, product formulations only need to sample and foundry company;

Has the brand, there are recipes and samples need to scale production of the company;

Existing brands, production capacity of the company.

OBM is a new mode of cooperation, based on OEM/ODM on the basis of the original, with the success of the brand management concept, and implement a set of service mode and market through marketing channels as the core, including the "core technology" and "core management" relates to product development, production and operation of the brand, support and training successfully complete copy, and provide a series of solutions.

At the same time to provide specialized team training, the advanced innovation concept and management ideas into the work of the team, enhance the quality of the entire team and combat.

MARKET RESEARCH:Market research target, observation experiment, data analysis, Research Report

PRODUCT PLANNING:Market analysis and evaluation, product line planning, product positioning, product strategy

FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT:Formula test, formulation adjustment, process design, quality monitoring

PRODUCTION OF PRODUCTS:Proofing, packaging and production, QA inspection, warehousing

BRAND STRATEGY:Brand research, brand positioning, brand planning, brand management

BRAND CULTURE:CI planning, value culture, image culture, culture communication

BRAND DESIGN:VI design, image design, packaging design, terminal design

BRAND MARKETING:Marketing strategy, market competition strategy, marketing system construction, market promotion

MATCHING TRAINING:Management output, educational output, structure and system, model and technique

SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATION:Procurement management, planning control, logistics support, after sales support