Product internal nameProduct efficacy
Anti wrinkle solutionReplenish collagen, remove wrinkles etc.
Repair solutionRepair of acne, digestive inflammation and promote wound healing
Anti Wrinkle CreamCell nutrition supplement
Massage CreamTo remove excess skin, soften the horny
Fresh oil control massage ice crystalBalance oil secretion, replenishment, non greasy
Aromatic massage oilReplenishment, whitening, anti allergy, anti allergy effect
Chinese Herbal Massage OilMuscle aches, sub health, health and other functions of the Department of gynaecology
Ginseng essential oilMoisturizing and promoting blood circulation and metabolism, increasing the nutrition and luster of skin cells.
angelica oilThe blood circulation, laxative. For blood deficiency chlorosis, dizziness and palpitation
Tea tree oilSterilization detoxification, treatment of skin diseases, to purify the skin on oily, acne skin care efficacy
Safflower oilWith the effect of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and relieving pain; shugantongluo
peppermintSedation; headache, migraine; ease itching, inflammation
Essential oilHave a cool antipyretic effect, anti-inflammatory analgesic effect; diuretic, anti allergic, anti tumor and anti viral effects
Dispel horny sprayThe difference between the traditional acidic to horny products, PH closer to the skin, more moderate
GrapefruitDetoxification diuretic to lose weight, relieve headache pain, promote blood circulation, purify the blood, improve digestion
Jasmine essential oil 3%Regulate dry, sensitive, aging, scars and stretch marks of the skin to maintain skin moisture and elasticity
Lavender essential oilSuitable for any skin, treatment of burns, sunburn, promote cell regeneration, balance sebum secretion
with Bergamot Essential OilImprove oily skin, light skin, whitening skin, improve the breakdown of micro blood vessels
NeroliSkin is very helpful for the scars and stretch marks, which can improve nerve pain, headache and dizziness.
Rose essential oilAphrodisiac to regulate menstruation and improve sexual dysfunction, relieve tension, be good for female
RosemaryRelieve skin hyperemia and swelling; convergence of the skin, improve dandruff
SandalwoodBalance sebum secretion, improve acne, acne, dry aging skin, improve frigidity and impotence
osmanthusSedative, aphrodisiac, antibacterial, is an excellent mood exciting agent, have a certain effect on slowing down fatigue, headache, physical pain etc.
Geranium extractPore obstruction, frostbite, pale skin rosy vitality; regulating hormones, have therapy on premenstrual syndrome
Cleansing milkThoroughly clean, suitable for oily skin to use natural massage granules to aging skin
Whitening Facial CleanserThoroughly clean, suitable for oily skin to use
Facial Cleansing MilkCleansing, whitening, moisturizing, apply to sensitive skin
Amino Acid Facial CleanserDoes not contain grease, after cleansing refreshing
Refreshing cleansing MousseSoft, gentle, gentle and clean
Fresh tonerBalance skin oil secretion
Skin waterMoisturize and soften the cuticle, make the skin delicate, smooth and soft
Wild rose extract (double)Moisturize and soften the cuticle, make the skin delicate, smooth and soft
Anti wrinkle solution (EGF)Replenish collagen, remove wrinkles etc.
Repair solution (EGF)Repair of acne, digestive inflammation and promote wound healing
Whitening EssenceGet rid of yellow gas, restore skin health, whitening
Pore EssenceConvergence, firming
Protein polypeptide essenceAnti wrinkle, whitening, skin whitening
Fresh full conditioning gelDetoxification, balance oil and water supplement
Skin moisturizing emulsionReplenishment, moisturizing, wake up skin vitality
Softening LotionMoisture, replenishment, suitable for dry skin
Double Balance LotionMoisture, replenishment, suitable for oil, the skin
Aqua Moisturizing MilkNourishing and moisturizing skin
Aqua Moisturizing Essence cycleIncrease flexibility, moisturizing, make the skin delicate, smooth and soft
Anti wrinkle LotionRepair damaged skin, restore the best condition
Moisturizing CreamHigh moisture, deep nourish the skin
Water creamFast water supplement water, see, skin instantly and like
Whitening CreamGradually fade spots, decomposition of melanin, whitening skin
Anti Wrinkle CreamReplenish collagen, remove wrinkles, anti-aging
Cell repair Shu MinshuangDeep repair
Milk creamSafe, fast whitening
A mild moisturizing creamHigh moisture, deep nourish skin, water and lock water
Protein Anti Wrinkle CreamComplement cell nutrient fluid, cell full, make skin firm, tender and tender
Anti wrinkle Moisturizing Cream Plant PeptidesComplement cell nutrient fluid, cell full, make skin firm, tender and tender
Moisturizing ice crystal filmMoisture, moisture
Whitening MaskSafe, fast whitening
Ice crystal filmMoisture, oil control
The skin cells to repair the iceAnti sensitive, anti sensitive, improve sensitive skin
Petal crystal maskMoisture, moisture
Non-woven maskMoisturizing, whitening the skin whitening
Silk MaskAnti wrinkle and moisturizing skin firming
Pectin maskMoisturizing, whitening the skin whitening
Biological Fiber MaskWhitening anti wrinkle, make skin smooth and moist
Whitening CreamEffective barrier to external adverse environmental impact on the skin
Flawless repair fluidPolish Xiu Yan
Whitening sunscreenGood sun protection effect
Nourishing and repairing eye creamNourish, repair, plain
Plain soothing creamRemove the eye fine lines and wrinkles
Intensive repair eye creamRepair the eye due to make-up and damaged skin
Remove bags under the eyes essenceAccelerate micro circulation to remove bags under the eyes
Remove black eye essenceAccelerate microcirculation dispel black rim of the eye
Powerful penetrating eye maskMoisture, repair, activate the eye skin
Active Eye GelMoisture, repair, activate the eye skin
FengxiongshuangTo promote breast development, tight tight
slimming creamSafe and effective burning of excess fat
Freckle creamFor the cause of the stain, local safety and fast fade spots
Oil control lotionLayered make-up water clear upper layer, the lower layer of white cloud powder
Sun blockAgainst ultraviolet radiation, protect the skin
Pure physical sunscreenAgainst ultraviolet radiation, protect the skin